Terms and Policy:

In the cycle, there will be no Return/Exchange policy applicable. In cycles sometimes it will be semi-assembled or unassembled.

The order for this product can only be cancelled before the shipment.

Even though you have selected Cash On Delivery (COD) for cycle, we will take a safety deposit of 2000 Rs before the dispatch, as cycle and Gym equipment is a heavy product we have to take double confirmation from you. Shipping heavy products involve lot of time and money.


You can use the coupon code ( FITTING300) and get 300 Rs additional discount at the time of purchase for getting your Cycle installed by yourself provided by Sports Wing.


In case of the cycle delivered in unassembled condition, we will guide you to your nearby cycle shop to get the cycle assembled by paying 300 Rs, you can use the same discounted money 300 Rs availed at the time of purchase.


In case cycle will be delivered in a semi-assembled condition (80-90% assembled). You can assemble the remaining parts like the seat, pedals and tyres using a toolkit. However, it is advisable to get professional help in assembling the unit for the best cycling experience. You can use the same discount money for assembling the cycle provided to you at the time of purchase.


We are guaranteed for 95% of stock availability in cycle sometimes we will not be having the same model or same color, in that case, we will refer you to the related model or color, if you are ok with the other one we will go ahead placing the order, MRP price might vary but discount remains the same or if you are not happy with the suggested one we will help you to cancel the order. If the payment is made in advance we will refund your full money in just 2hours.