Slinger Grand Slam Player Tennis Ball Machine

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Product Description

Slinger Launcher and Remote ₹68875

+ Slinger Oscillator ₹14000

+ Slinger Telescopic Ball Tube ₹4275

+ Slinger Phone Holder ₹1775

+ Power Charger ₹2575

TOTAL: ₹91,500 / SAVINGS: ₹15,000


Highly Portable

Slinger Bag is lightweight and portable. You can carry it, roll it and easily store it in the trunk of your car. On the court, Slinger Bag can be set up to start
launching balls within 1 minute


Targeted to be up to 50% of the price of any of our competitors, Slinger Bag is the ideal, affordable launcher for players of all ages and abilities

Easy to use

Easily control the launch speed, frequency and angle by using our built control panel. And with the Slinger remove, you’ve got full on/off control!

Ball-Boy Feature

Sit Slinger next to you on the service-line and Slinger has the unique ability to feed balls to your han so you can practice serves over and over again!

Fully Adjustable

Slinger is fully adjustable so you can pick and choose whitch shot you want to practice. Baseline winners, volley’s, overheads & servers.


Slinger Bag also holds your racquets, your wallet and keys, your towel and water bottle and can even charge your cell phone!


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