We are Pleased to introduce ourselves as Professionals with more than 15 years experience in the World of Swimming Pool Industry.

Competition Pools, Family/Fitness Pools, Custom Design RCC Pools, Swim Spa/Counter Current Pools, Ready Made Pools, Aqua Therapy Pools, Float Rooms etc.. An Exclusive ONE STOP SHOP for all your DREAMS of Swimming Pools, Equipment’s & Accessories In INDIA. 

Competitive design Pools

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crCountercr Current Pools

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Readymade Pools

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i Swim-Spas Pools

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We want to provide every badminton player the best playing experience with floorings and arenas that are of superior quality and scientifically designed, minimizing injury to athletes. Every player’s ambition to be a Champion and adults play to keep up there healthy body. Most players’ dreams are crushed due to injuries either because of lack of strength due to inadequate diet and scientific training or due to practice on inappropriate surfaces. A professional badminton player spends not less than 15 hours a week on court on an average. It is important that the playing surface be safe for the knees and absorbs shock well, have a good grip to prevent injuries. Our Associate company builds badminton courts of BWF standards, working with leading architects and sports organizers worldwide to design and implement venues with best playing experiences.

Badminton Synthetic Flooring

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Badminton Wooden Flooring

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Preparation of strong and reliable base is a must for the construction of a synthetic hard court. The material can be applied on asphalt or concrete base. The court can be prepared in different cushion thicknesses depending on the level of players and budget. We also provide chain link fencing, lighting and storm water system in the court.

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Basketball Wooden Court

After completion of the civil construction, we undertake to lay out the Air Cush Wooden Flooring system wherein we use kiln dried imported Oak, Teak, Maple or Beech wood surface board and the base frame of imported Fir, Spruce or Pine wood. After installation, the floor is machine sanded in uniform level and finished with imported non‐skid DIN certified polyurethane lacquer. All other accessories related to the arena are also available with us. Approved by FIBA Federation of International Basketball Association.

We can get two types of Basketball court depends on the customer budget:

Grade A – Full brown wood.
Grade B – White and brown mixed wood. Sanding and Polishing will be done after the Installation

Basketball Synthetic Court

Preparation of strong and reliable base is a must for the construction of a synthetic hard court. The material can be applied on asphalt or concrete base. The court can be prepared in different cushion thicknesses depending on the level of players and budget. We also provide Basketball board and stand, chain link fencing, lighting and storm water system in the court.

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The prefabricated rubber athletic track surfaces are globally recognized. The prefabricated rubber athletic tracks have come as a replacement of the traditional PU track. The one-time embossing and workmanship gives the product very good quality and at the same time strong resistance to water, anti-slippery, shock-absorbent, excellent elasticity, anti-aging and long lasting durability. And further, the biggest advantage of the pre-fabricated mat is that the rubber granules do not break off from the surface. The pre fabricated mat is IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) approved and is totally environmentally friendly.

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Air Cush Wooden Flooring system, confirming the requirement of World Squash Federation (WSF), consists of Kiln Seasoned (dried) imported American Hard Maple or European Sycamore Wood surface boards and the under frame made of Imported Fir/Spruce/Pine Wood runners from Germany. With our expertise in Squash Court Construction, one can be rest assured about quality and durability of our Wooden Flooring System.

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A Rubber Tiles Flooring is environment friendly, impact absorbing, non-slip and are quiet yet soft in addition to safety, simplicity, cost effectiveness, low/easy maintenance etc.,

Rubber Flooring Tiles are made of premium quality Recycled Rubber. Featuring anti-static, anti-slip even when wet surface, durable, flexible, easy installation, and suitable for indoor & outdoor. These rubber tiles are an excellent flooring option for comfort and durability. Suitable for sports flooring, gym, sports clubs, playground, kindergarten, weight room, etc. These rubber tiles are available in different thickness, size.

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4 Tone Ultra Natural Look, Eco Friendly, UV Protected, Metal Free, Made From 100% Virgin Polymer.

Product Of FIFA Certified Company –
ILAN is a one stop solution for all the greenery needs.

Purchase directly from importers.

Our product range includes :

Sports Turf – (Hockey, Cricket, Golf, Football)

We also provide: Green Walls, Fibreglass Planters, Pebbles & Chips

Indoor Cricket ground work done recently in Tenkasi Tamil Nadu

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Over years of experience in sports field construction:

We are associated with reputed Companies for Court/Ground/Swimming pool Construction in India. Our renowned construction companies in sports we together have done more than 100 projects across India, having more than Decades of experience in this profession.


Paper works and careful examination:

We will outsource the projects with our tie up companies for court/ground construction. The quality of work will be done as per the specifications mentioned in agreement papers. Clients having tie through us, we will be responsible for getting legal paper work along with this we will be able to provide you minimum years of guarantee certificate from our tie up company. As we have long term tie up and regular orders flow through us we know who will fit in best for you. Based on Clint feedback we have carefully examined & selected the best sports ground construction companies who can serve you Best. Our associated companies have been successfully delivering sports field construction and recreation projects. We are specialized in the sporting field/court/swimming pool construction, our tie up companies have a proven track record of delivering good projects. Due to extensive experience in all things earth related, we know how to deal with every curve ball a sports field construction project can throw at you. We have a well-versed team in constructing Indoor courts and Outdoor Sports ground.


Our selected companies are Friendly, honest and hardworking culture:
We pride ourselves in our friendly service and our honest, hardworking culture and would be delighted to assist you in bringing the vision of your next sporting project to reality. We believe the best projects are delivered on the grounds of mutual respect and collaboration, and we value the relationships we form with each and every client.


Quality construction made easy:

To ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard possible our outsourcing company has the best staff and use proven construction methods that have delivered quality results time and time again. Field Form’s directors offer a wealth of practical experience in base construction methods and complete each project personally. We are available to assist with any issues that arise during the design or construction process. We value clear and open communication and will make sure there are no hidden costs at the end of a project.

No matter the size or location of your project, experienced team will bring their A-game to ensure the best result for you and your sporting club.

Running sports field Construction Company; we know and understand the industry thoroughly and thoroughly. Specializing in base preparation, Experience and intuition for working with varying site conditions have proven itself on many successful projects. With a friendly ‘can do’ attitude, we enjoy building lasting relationships with Clients while delivering quality projects.


Need design?

Tell us about your requirement.

Discuss your next sports field project.

Contact us for Best quotation for your Project.

We will give you the best proposal and specifications as per your requirements.

Confused by all the different plans, or just don’t know where to start with your design? Our engineering team can design, draw and detail your next sport court project to the relevant sport authority guidelines – we can ensure your project meets all the specifications and more!


Specialize in Sports ground Construction, building the best infrastructure. We will be able to provide you one of the most reliable names in India for the excellent construction & maintenance of Sports Stadiums.

Want to make your apartment/hotel standout for the sports infrastructure and equipment, look nowhere else. Our experts will make sure that both the infrastructure and the experience for the users will last a lifetime. Sometimes We will outsource to our known court or ground construction team due to congestion of running projects. The quality of work will be done as per the specifications mentioned in agreement papers.


We provide optimal services which are at par with the international standards. We specialize in Sports Court Construction, building the best infrastructure. Modern building techniques and a dedicated team of engineers and architects have lent us a renowned place in the construction of Tennis, Badminton Court Construction, Cricket, Gymnastics, Hockey, Athletics, Sports Complex, Multi-purpose sports stadium, Football Ground, Swimming Pool Construction


We undertake Construction for commercial and non-commercial purpose. Many schools, colleges, sports complexes, Institutions, clubs or academy, corporate, apartments have benefited from our services. We provide service for both Indoor and Outdoor Sports Ground. Over the years, we have mastered in installing backyard Courts for domestic use. We outsource you the best companies for your projects as services will surely take your game to the next level. The superlative quality of flooring and the precision of length are at par with the international standards. We also welcome custom designs for Indoor/Outdoor Courts. Timely construction at the most affordable rates is guaranteed. We also deal in Commercial Court and ground Construction which is made to precision by our highly knowledgeable team of engineers and architects.


When it comes to the pricing we will quote you the best price compared to other constructer. As we are well-versed, we know exact cost for your requirements in ground construction we will get you the correct price this will benefit you.